Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Internet History: Screenames (Part 1)

Like most people, i have had a plethora of screen names, internet alias', or whatever you want to call them. Here is a run down of most of them that i can remember:

Backstabber- Came from the song of the same name by the hardcore band Dystopia. I also published 4 issues of a zine called Backstabber. This is probably the most used alias and the most versatile. XBackstabberX or Backstabberzine have both been used for email and message board names.

DeleteYourself- Named after the song by Atari Teenage Riot. Also used as both email and message board names. Have also been shortened to Deleteyou a few times when there was a character limit.

- This was first used when i joined staff at the Xbox fan site Xbox Addict. Many thought it was in reference to the character in the game Halo, but it was actually a nod to the Tool song and the producer of the same name (who has produced records for Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, Depeche Mode, and many more). Has also been used with X's around the name.

Voorhees28- An old AOL screename/email address. Voorhees is the name of an old UK hardcore/punk band and 28 is just a random number i picked. I used to get people iming me asking if i was from Voorhees,NJ all the time.

DrodNoSklz- My good friend from high school Doug Luke once said that if i was ever to become a rapper, my name would be D-Rod No Skillz. "D-Rod" coming from my name Derek, and "No Skillz" because he claimed i was not good at anything. He really was a great friend. I took the name in jest and used it as another AOL screenname/email address.

AllThingsOrdinary- Yet another name taken from a song title, this one being a song by the late indie rock band The Anniversary. I named my record label after the song and have also used it on several music oriented message boards. When the character limit was exceeded, i commonly use ATOBuffalo.

That's all for now. Check back soon for the next part in my look back of my history on the internet.

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